Medicine doesn’t have to taste horrid: for example, if an unpleasantly tasting pharmaceutical agent is integrated into a delicious melt-in-the mouth toffee. Today’s consumers expect medicines to be available in pleasantly tasting dosages.

Application range

Active ingredients in phamaceutical and medical products are slowly dissolved in the mouth, and so absorbed into the mucus membrane. Every product is suited to a different galenic form.

What is the purpose of your product?

  • HalsschmerzenSore throat
  • Entzündungen im RachenOral infections
  • Schmerzen Aches and pains
  • WundstellenWounds
  • HustenCough
  • MagenbeschwerdenStomach complaints
  • HeiserkeitLoss of voice
  • Infektionen im RachenInfection of pharynx

DISCH builds active therapeutic ingredients into a basic mass so that the consumer no longer finds it unpleasant. To this end, Disch calls on 120 years of expertise in the food technology branch and its infinite know-how in pharmaceutical technology.

We offer services for your medicine from concept, scale-up, production and packaging – all in-house. This also includes the manufacture of products which must meet specific standards – for example: if it should reduce inflamation or pain, or have local anesthetic or antiseptic properties. To achieve the highest quality, we carry out quality checks and stability studies, and develop suitable testing methods. Various certification ensures constant quality in our medicine:

  • Swissmedic
  • GMP
  • Certification in USA and in Russia

What can we do for you?

Would you like DISCH to manufacture a product for you or do you have further questions? Contact us by tel. +41 62 887 20 00 or write to for competent  and more thorough advice.