Pastilles or gummies are poured pharmaceutical forms of varying texture and consistency. For these, gellant such as gelatine (aniaml-sourced) is used. We can also use vegetable alternatives such as gum arabic or carrageen. Whether the pastilles finish off soft or relatively hard, is dependant on the raw materials and the process parameters used.

Whether with sugar or sugar-free, vegan or not vegan, DISCH produces pastilles tailor-made to your requirements. We can also advise on form, recipe and packaging for your product.

What are pastilles suitable for?

Pleasure for the senses: pastilles can be enjoyed sucked or chewed, making them popular with consumers.  Pastilles are suitable for pharmaceutical forms for the following applications:


  • Vitamine und MineralienVitamins and
  • Infektionen im RachenOral infections
  • HustenIrritable cough
  • Products with essential oils or plant extracts

How are pastilles made?

Food - Pastilles

From one pouring: Pastilles are manufactured using the so-called  Mogul-technique. This involves pouring liquid syrup into the prepared negative forms made from corn starch. Followed by the drying process in air-ventilated drying rooms, determines the final consistency of the pastille. In the next step, the pastilles are separated from the corn starch, cleaned, checked and then covered either with a glaze or in sugar. This efficient molded form enables great variety in product – differing sizes, shapes, imprinting, consistency and texture.

Pharmaceuticals - Pastilles

For medicinal products this allows differing dosages of active agents to be introduced. During all processes, DISCH keeps to the legal requirement of evenly distributing active ingredients – the so-called uniformity of content.

Your product from A to Z

We offer you the complete service – from concept through to product launch. Your product is:

  • manufactured to specific standards (Food
    or GMP)
  • certified by Swissmedic

Quality and security

Additionally we ensure quality remains constant by carrying out quality tests, stability studies and the development of testing methods.

What can we do for you?

Could pastilles be the right galenic form for your application? Then contact us on tel. +41 62 887 20 00 or for competent advice.