Setting standards: Like all companies involved in the food and pharmaceutical industry, DISCH carries out  validation. Validation involves documented proof of production processes, activities and manufacturing equipment. The reason for validation is not only, so that a process always produces the expected results, but so that quality and security is continuously adhered to. Especially in the pharmaeutical industry, it is very important that standards (GMP) are maintained.


A valid procedure

Just two steps lead to successful validation:

  • compliance of the necessary documents, so that validation and production can always be achieved
  • control of the validation process to meet the requirements of the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)


Areas studied under the magnifying glass

Validation and qualification at DISCH concerns the whole production area:

  • manufacturing processes
  • equipment  and production machinery
  • cleaning
  • analytical methods
  • packaging

Your product from A to Z

We offer the complete service – from concept to product launch. Your product is:

  • manufactured to specific standards (food or GMP)
  • certified by Swissmedic

Quality assurance

Additionally we carry out quality tests, stability studies and the development of testing methods to ensure quality remains constant.

What can we do for you?

Do you have questions about validation ? Further advice given freely on tel. +41 62 887 20 00 or