Toffees (Soft Chews)


Toffees or soft chews are suited to galenic forms where supplementary substances can be easily blended in. The end consumer enjoys the pleasant consistency of toffees which can be chewed or sucked. Combined with sweeteners and a pleasant taste, they make the intake of dietary supplements and medicines a pleasure.

The texture of the toffee varies according to the recipe: relatively brittle, hard or pliable. Formulas are mostly sugar-based on sucrose and liquid glucose, whilst sugar-free recipes use isomalt and maltitol. Disch can advise on the form, recipe and packaging of your toffees – depending on the active ingredient and its application.

What are toffees suitable for ?

Fine tasting and a pleasant form of consumation. Toffees are in trend and popular with end consumers. Due to the quick release of the active ingredient, this form of pharmaceutical product is especially suitable for the following applications:


  • Vitamine und MineralienVitamins and
  • Nahrungsergänzung für KinderDietary supplements for children
  • Magenbeschwerden Stomach-complaints
  • HalsschmerzenMedicines of high dosages

How are toffees made?

Pharmaceuticals - Soft Chews

The measurements make the mixture: At the beginning of the manufacuring process, a computer-based weighing system ensure all ingredients are precisely measured for the following cooking process. The active ingredients are added before, during and after the cooking process.

Pharmaceuticals - Soft Chews

To achieve the required consistency, the toffee-mixture is heated to temperatures between 115°C and 130°C. For medicine, it is crucial that the active ingredients are precisely measured and evenly distributed – the so-called uniformity of contents.

Your product from A to Z

We offer the complete service – from concept through to product launch. Your product is:

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    or GMP)
  • certified by Swissmedic

Quality assurance

Additionally, to ensure quality remains constant, we make  quality checks, stability studies and develp testing methods.

What can we do for you?

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