Hard sweets or lozenges are solid galenic forms used for medicines and phamaceutical products. Sugar-based recipes mostly contain sucrose (crystal sugar) and glucose syrup. However, for sugar-free recipes we mainly use isomalt and maltitol to replace sugars.

According to the requirements of your market branch, DISCH can manufacture hard sweets with or without sugar. For hard sweets there are various shapes, recipes and packaging. Let us advise you on the best solution for your product.

What are hard sweets suitable for ?

The characteristic of the hard sweet: when sucked the active ingredient of the medicine or phamaceutical product is slowly released and then absorbed into the mucus membrane. This medicinal product is therefore especially suited for infections of the upper respiratory track e.g. sore throat or cough. And the best: this pharmaceutical product is pleasant for the patient. Who doesn’t like to suck a sweet ?

The most popular uses for hard sweets as medicine are:


  • HalsschmerzenSore throat
  • Imflammation of throat area
  • SchmerzenAches and pains
  • Entzündungen im RachenOral infections
  • HustenCough
  • WundstellenWounds
  • HeiserkeitLoss of voice

How are lozenges made?

Food Supplements - Lozenges

Staying hard, when precision counts. That is the  A and O of regular distribution of active ingredients in hard sweets, the so-called uniformity of contents. DISCH ensures that average weight and uniformity of substance is maintained by using the most modern production techniques, fulfilling all legal requirements.
An electronic weighing system ensures that the components for hard sweets are exactly measured to specific recipes.

Food Supplements - Lozenges

During the cooking process, the ingredients are thickened under a vacuum between 120°C and 160°C, producing a viscous syrup. This is poured into a mixing vessel. Either at this stage of the production or earlier on can the active ingredients be added – a protective procedure ensuring the effectiveness remains. A dosage pump makes sure the precise amount of active agent is added to the thick or fluid mixture.

Your product from A to Z

We can offer you the complete service regarding development and manufacturing. Your product is:

  • manufactured to specific GMP standard
  • certified by Swissmedic, FDA and Russian Authority

Quality assurance

Additionally, we ensure quality remains constant by carrying out quality tests, making stability studies and developing testing methods.

What can we do for you?

Could hard sweets be the right galenic form for your application? Contact us by tel. +41 62 887 20 00 or  write to info@disch.ch for more detailed advice.