DISCH Immunizer

For a strong immune system

The innovative, standardized composition of Fenactive™ supports the body’s natural defensive functions. The Fenactive™ complex is recommended for use by the general population. It is particularly beneficial for children as they are more likely of having frequent respiratory infections, but also for seniors as the natural aging of the immune system induces chronic inflammatory processes underlying a number of serious diseases.

Fenactive™ is combining the health benefits of two traditionally used fruits with the highest ORAC scale indices – chokeberry and elderberry. ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) shows the antioxidants’ ability to absorb reactive oxygen species.

From our range “Swiss Fruit”: IMMUNIZER Cherry Taste with Fenactive™ – SUPPORTS AND RESTORES THE BODY’S IMMUNITY

Unique Features are:

  • supports the effective prevention and/or treatment of respiratory infections caused by viruses and/or bacteria
  • helps preventing conditions resulting from oxidative stress or supporting their treatment


Nutritional value Per 100 g Per daily dose of 3 chews
Energy 317 kcal / 1240 kJ 38.0 kcal / 149 kJ
Total fat
– saturated FA
5.33 g
– 4.77 g
0.64 g
– 0.57 g
Total carbohydrates
– thereof sugar
49.7 g
– 37.2 g
5.97 g
– 4.46 g
Fibres 24.4 g 2.92 g
Protein 0.08 g 0.01 g
Salt 0.01 g 0.001 g
– Calcium
– Zinc
– Vitamin B6
– Vitamin B12

4042 mg
41.7 mg
11.7 mg
11.7 mcg

485 mg
5.00 mg
1.40 mg
1.40 mcg
Fenactive extract1) 1667 mg 200 mg

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