Quality Control

Quality Control

Trust is good, GMP is better: The quality control at DISCH is based on the guidelines of the Good Manufacturing Practice. To introduce your product onto the market and so that all necessary measures have been taken, we can offer a tailor-made solution encompassing all services. This includes the following:

  • checking of in-coming raw materials
  • testing of active agents in solutions
  • testing of part-finished products
  • testing of end-products
  • checking of batch documentation
  • issuing of analysis certificate

Quality Control

Tailor-made quality

According to your product, you can always introduce additional tests and services for every production batch.  DISCH:

  • carries out stability studies
  • gives quality evaluations
  • provides statistical  documents
  • develops test methods
  • incorporates customers-based solutions into quality testing


Quality Control

Guaranteed GMP

To ensure GMP, DISCH carries thorugh infinite measures. These include:

  • checking of production equipment
  • process validation
  • cleaning validation
  • clean air monitoring
  • hygiene monitoring
  • in-company health checks
  • supplier audits

DISCH ensures  quality

  • Swissmedic: approval & GMP fulfilled
  • certified in Russia and the USA
  • Quality testing, Stability studies, developement of testing methods

Certified in Russia and the USA

Are your products destined for foreign markets ? DISCH is also certified for Russia and the USA.

What can we do for you?

Do you have questions about quality control at DISCH? We can advise you further on tel. +41 62 887 20 00 or info@disch.ch.