Mission Statement

Mission Statement


DISCH develops and produces pharmaceuticals and special foods on contract based on the technologies of the confectionery industry.

DISCH is a forward-looking and creative company with a range of products and services that meets the highest demands of quality.

DISCH trusts in the creativity and motivation of its employees. We are honest and heed all legal regulations, contracts and agreements and internal guidelines. We act in accord with ethical principles.


DISCH is a leading address for the contract manufacture of pharmaceuticals and special foods based on technologies from the confectionery industry. This accounts for the constant expansion of our production and quality management processes as well as our organisation.

DISCH has at its disposal both innovative power and professional skills that make sustainable and profitable corporate development possible.

At DISCH, commensurate financial success is in harmony with the values of our employees and makes it possible to secure the company’s existence and meet our responsibilities to those whose welfare DISCH directly or indirectly influences.


DISCH has employees who are conscious of initiative and responsibilities and who bring their skills to bear in their every day work.

DISCH strives to train employees in accord with the continually increasing demands (of the industry), to honour them and to protect them through above-average pension benefits. DISCH places special value on good, collegial, interactions characterised by tolerance in the individual work environment. Furthermore, DISCH does not tolerate racist, religious or sexist discrimination in the individual’s work environment.

DISCH protects is employees from dangers in the work place to the best of its knowledge and in good conscience.

Business Environment

DISCH exercises fair and responsible behaviour in its business relationships, which is characterised by continuity, balance, professionalism and innovation. DISCH also strives for collaboration with customers and suppliers that is characterised by the principles of partnership.

As a Swiss company, DISCH makes every effort to cooperate with the authorities and institutions.

Our commitment

  • Full service from concept to product launch
  • Manufacturing according to specific standards (Food and GMP) and licensed by Swissmedic
  • Quality reviews, stability studies and development of testing methods

Your competent partner

Disch is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) for pharmaceuticals, medical devices and food supplements based on confectionery technology.

What can we do for you?

For business purpose please contact Benno Stäheli. For other issues and requests: info@disch.ch