Pharmaceuticals Lozenges

Hard boiled lozenges are solid preparations and galenic forms used in pharmaceuticals and medical devices. They are intended to slowly dissolve in the mouth. Sugar based formulations usually consist of sucrose and glucose liquid, while for sugar free formulation isomalt and maltitol are used as sugar substitutes. DISCH is currently manufacturing both, hard boiled lozenges with sugar and without sugar in numerous shapes, formulations and packaging types.

Food Supplements - Lozenges

Manufacturing process

According to the specific formulation all components are electronically weighed and fed into the cooking system, where concentrated under vacuum condition between 120°C and 160°C. The resulting viscous syrup is then transferred to a blending device connected with dosage pumps for solids and liquids. At this point the active ingredients are precisely dosed meeting the requirements of homogenous distribution of actives (Uniformity of Content). Average weight and uniformity of mass meet the legal requirements.

Food Supplements - Lozenges


Active ingredients in pharmaceuticals and medical devices are slowly released in the mouth through dissolving in order to be absorbed by the mucous membrane. Counted among the main applications of hard boiled lozenges are:

  • sore throat
  • pain relievers
  • cough
  • hoarseness
  • inflammation in the throat
  • oral infections
  • sores

Our commitment

  • Full service from concept to product launch
  • Manufacturing according to specific standards (Food or GMP) and Licensed by Swissmedic
  • Quality reviews, stability studies and development of testing methods

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Disch is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) for pharmaceuticals, medical devices and food supplements based on confectionery technology.

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