Soft Chews

Food - Soft Chews

Soft chews or chewable caramels are situated between hard boiled lozenges and chewing gums. Depending on the formulation, the texture of soft chews can vary between relatively brittle, hard and extensible. Formulation with sugar usually consist of sucrose and glucose liquid, while for sugar free formulations isomalt and maltitol are used as sugar substitutes. DISCH is currently manufacturing both soft chews with and without sugar in numerous shapes, formulations and packaging types.

Food - Soft Chews

Manufacturing process

A computer based weighing system ensures that all ingredients are precisely weighed for the cooking step. In order to meet customer requirements active ingredients and additives are introduced to the mass before, during or after the cooking process. For pharmaceuticals the validated production process is designed to dose active ingredients meeting the standard requirements in terms of average mass and uniformity of content.

Soft Chews


Apart from their great taste and mouth-feel soft chews or chewable caramels are widely used for:

  • Stomach medications
  • Medications of relatively high quantities of active ingredients
  • Medications for quick release of active ingredients
  • Products containing vitamins and minerals
  • Supplements for children

Our commitment

  • Full service from concept to product launch
  • Manufacturing according to specific standards (Food or GMP) and Licensed by Swissmedic
  • Quality reviews, stability studies and development of testing methods

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Disch is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) for pharmaceuticals, medical devices and food supplements based on confectionery technology.

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